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odisha paradip sea port map for all india transporters
odisha paradip sea port map for all india transporters

Paradip in local also known as paradeep, it is sea port town near cuttack, odisha. from ancient times, paradip is a important city because it helps to transport and store goods which are going to sell in cuttack ( a commercial city of India).  before 19th century , cuttack and paradeep was mainly  connected by mahanadi river. But due to silting of river bed , flow of goods  was slow down. in 19th century,british put some special attention and develop a harbour, then after independence of India, government  built a major sea port and better infrastructure to ensure that goods flows without any barrier and delay  in delivery at standard cost.

Logistics services in paradip Odisha provide secure and highly skillfull freight transportation and warehousing service. logistics play a key role in development of an economy as it provide various facility to ensure that cargo delivered to right place in original state at given time. More specifically, it helps in transport of good to remote location.

online goods OD transportation service Odisha Paradip Sea Port North Eastern India to all India

transport in India is a well-established project cargo with pan India presence, who work under  business ethics and conduct your business with their best by using upto date technology and knowledge. It also provide various kind of aid required by clients like end to end solution, information relating to transportation etc.

Transport in India provides for the following categories of transportation:

  • Over Dimensional cargo (ODC) Transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Out of Garage Transportation Movement in Paradip Odisha
  • Truck Transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Container transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Trailer Transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Flatt rack container Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Lowboy/Lowbed & high bed trailer transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Modular hydraulic axle trailers transportation Service in Paradip Odisha
  • Logistics services all types expected locations Odisha .
online goods OD transportation service Odisha Paradip Sea Port North Eastern India to all India

ODC transportation Odisha :- where odc stand for over-dimensional cargo, in laymen language, odc means  a cargo where the length, width or height is more than the standard container dimension. Transporting oversize cargo in paradip which required heavy vehicle like truck with good surface area, so that goods moves from one place to another place without any damage to goods at reasonable cost.

Out of gauge Odisha :- it is basically for movement of cargo for those companies whose good/ cargo are oversized or abnormally oversized.so that these cargo efficiently shipped. under this, shipment can be done via land, sea or air. while truck transportation which are basically inland shipment of good from one place to another, more precisely for shorter duration and distance such as shipment from sea port to factory or vice versa.

Container transportation Odisha :- which are used to transfer good in large container via rail or road from one place to another. this is use by various kind of industry to transfer goods within a country or to other country. It protect good from various kind of thing like rain, dust, heat, cold etc   which might effect the quality goods during shipment.

Trailer transportation Odisha :- under this good are packed in box or container which have wheel, then pulled by heavy vehicle like truck or tractor  from one place to another. this is mainly use for shipment of goods for short  distance.this is quite useful for farmer , fisherman or other occupation like that.

online goods OD transportation service Odisha Paradip Sea Port North Eastern India to all India

Another most commonly type use for transportstion of goods are  Flattrack  container services Paradip Odisha , which  is basically use for transport of heavy load like machinery and metal good like pipe , poles etc. they are manufactured from steel and generally  come in 20ft and 40ft sizes.payload capacity of 20ft flattrack container is around 30 tonnes while 40ft flat rack have 40 tonnes.

client in paradip can avail this facility without doing so much paper work at reasonable cost with the help of any logistics companies Paradip Odisha .

Lowboy  is a trailer with a low frame for transporting very tall or heavy loads. they are basically use for haul heavy equipment (industrial equipment which is tall)  and vehicle like – bulldozer, paper printing machine etc, they are also  known as low bed trailer in some like Australia, Canada ,while high bed  trailer is just opposite of lowboy. Under it trailer bed situated high above the trailer wheels, which provides a raised uniform platform for the cargo to carry. High bed are used for all types cargo and this is most commonly used trailer across world.

Modular Hydraulic Axle Trailers, in short modular trailer, this is basically uses for those cargo or goods which are large or over length and they cannot disassemble to transport it from one place to another. This is mostly used in chemistry industry, power station, iron and pipe, mining, and in construction industry  etc.

Movement of goods In ODC Cargo required to certain permission like:-

  • Oversize ODC-OOG  Materials Obstructions.
  • Railway Crossing Gates – 15 FT
  • Highway Tunnels Crossing – 18 FT
  • Railway Electric Wire Crossing – 19 FT
  • All Types Over Bridge Crossing – 19/20 FT
  • City Welcome Board – 18/21 FT

It also depends on the efficiency and ability of cargo company who take responsibility to delivered to it subject location, some of key thing know about cargo company before giving them order-

year of experience (more than 10 year is good sign as it shown company experience)

cargo tracking facility and technology used by cargo company.

Expertise skill and experience.

Transport in India have all three important point discuss above and they provide excellent and very secure service for transport of cargo all over India and our research departments also do in depth research to stay up to date with the changing trends, policies, new technology and equipment. We have been transporting all over India and guarantee that your goods will be kept sage for the entire route, you can also consult with us with regards to the best route that you prefer with reference to your cargo and its size and we also provide for a 24-hour customer service so that you can keep yourself updated.

online goods OD transportation service Odisha Paradip Sea Port North Eastern India to all India

Moreover, employee in it are quite professional and have a good experience, they handle cargo very efficiently especially for light good or fragil and ensure that good delivered with in deadline or at give date.

Transport in India always give a assurance to their customer that their problem are our and help customer to stop thinking about the their cargo they deliver to their destination focus on the other important aspect of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions Public FAQ About odisha Paradip Sea Port OD transporter for all India Goods Transportation service  :-

Odisha transport public faq
Odisha transport public faq
online goods OD transportation service Odisha Paradip Sea Port North Eastern India to all India