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Election Results ? Election big business India please see bad effect and impact small business SMEs transportation Sector in India

Election results impact msme economy transport India
Election results impact msme economy transport India
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The transport network is an circulatory system of Indian economy.It plays an important role in the growth and development of the nation.But even after so many years India’s transportation system has remained clogged and underdeveloped. Many leaders came, each one of them promised to improve transportation infrastructure but even after decades we are troubling to make our transportation system polished. India’s transport infrastructure demolishes the value of country’s competitiveness  as destination for investment and tourism and affects domestic firm’s competitiveness.

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False meaningless promises of leaders before election results :-

Every year we are promised by politicians to about development during elections results . They always announce different schemes for different sectors of people. But after the elections get over and the party comes into power all the promises are kept unfulfilled. Nobody looks after the public after elections.

Due to geographical differences, elections results are held every time India :-

Elections Results in India is a long term and never ending process. One cannot pass a single day without having a news of any elections. There are always some kind of elections going in India. People are affected by the ongoing processes of elections every time. Transportation sector is one of the major sector affected by the elections.

Heavy invaluable loss of traders and small Business from No Entry :-

During the elections results there is tight security among the cities where the elections are to be held. Police forces are deployed in every region. Due to security reasons vehicles checking is carried out. Large Heavy haulage Oversize Load vehicles like truck trailers are not permitted to enter into the city. They are kept on standby outside the city area. Due to this transporters have to suffer loss as they cannot deliver their cargo on time. And all this loss have to rapid by transporters. Various roads are also blocked due to which passenger vehicles,  goods carrier have to take a different and mostly the longer routes to reach destination .

Only in the electoral environment, the efficiency of security and the unpredictable administrative robbery :-

Truck drivers, drivers of other good carrier and other vehicles are also harassed in the name of security. They are stopped outside the city on highways and are not allowed to enter the city. They are threatened and forcefully police officials asks for bribe from them to get entry in city. Also passenger vehicles and private vehicles are checked more strictly during election time. But after the elections no one cares about the security. Everything is permitted in the city after the elections. This is done only to show off the effectiveness of government.

Always New Government Ignore the promises made after the election results :-

Even if we keep above problems aside, people get more frustrated when government does not  fulfill their promises after winning the elections results . Promised made in elections are false hopes shown to people and when the time comes to implement it no one gives a word about it. During the elections it is always seen that prices of petrol and diesels are reduced to some level to please people. But after elections this fuel prices are increased slowly to higher rate than previous.

The burden of the cost expense of the election results is impounded on the unpredictable form of transporters :-

During elections lot of money is spend for rallies, promotion, marketing . This all money goes from the pocket of common man. Goods Transportation industry is the one which suffers most due to this huge expenses. Almost 80% of expenses done during the elections is recovered from the transportation industry. Increasing fuel prices, taking bribes from drivers and transporters are part of it.

The administrative officials are given the target of collection:-

We all have seen that whenever  there is any election in state or region the traffic police and RTO officials comes into more action. This all is done to collect more money to spend during elections. Traffic police and RTO’s are given target to collect more money’s  during this time. Traffic police becomes more strict for only this period of time. They start checking every vehicle coming from other region during day and night. Even if all the documents of vehicles are clear they still do not allow vehicles to enter the city or region. Drivers are then forced to pay some amount as bribe. As the drivers are helpless they have to listen police and RTO officials. Traffic rules are never followed in a region but during the elections traffic forces are employed to show off traffic management and collect more money from people as huge expenses have to be made.

No benefit every year after election results to the transporter after heavy tax payment :-

Even though government takes various kind of taxes from the transport sector, transport sector is given nothing in return. There are various kinds taxes which transporters have to pay for their cargo transport. This includes taxes ranging from toll tax, GST, illegal money given to police for allowing their trucks to pass different regions . But what they get in return is nothing. Every time tax rates are increased in the transport sector. Even the on the fuel prices government increases tax rates. Both central and state government collects taxes from these fuel prices.

Ignorably overlooked after being urgent :-

During elections Results all the political parties raises voice for growth and development of every sector. Transport sector is the only sector for which no promises are made for growth and development. Even though transport sector plays an important role in the growth and economy of the country no benefits are given to it even after elections. Always taxes are increased for transport sector in every field. Fuel prices are also increased which in result increases the transportation cost and for which transporters have to face losses.

Oversize ODC Cargo Permission Impact Election Results :-

Even the permission for ODC Transportation is restricted during elections. In ODC transportation safe delivery of cargos is an important factor as these types of consignments need special care and attention. But during election period the ODC transport vehicles are restricted entering in the city. They are not given permission to enter and thus they have to wait on the roadside for days. These affects the delivery time of the cargo.

Corruption less System Required for betterment of transport sector :-

Even after so many years of Independence India haven’t been able to develop its transportation as it should have been.  Everywhere there is corruption from getting permit for the vehicles or to get cargo transported from one place to another. No government have been able to prove itself for the betterment of transport sector.

Government Attention Election :-

Government can give some relief to the transporters if they provide subsidy to fuel. Government provides some fuel subsidy to common people. Instead of this if they provide subsidy to transporters it would be beneficial to all. Reducing  fuel prices will reduce the transportation cost which in turn will reduce the prices of daily needed items.

Transporters in India have always shown their anger towards government by doing strikes to fulfill their demands. But every government promised them to fulfill their demands and after coming into power all the promises goes into vain. Government now needs to be serious about the problems faced by transporters. Transportation sector plays an important role in running Indian economy. If the people involved in running this industry  are not satisfied with services they are getting, government should seriously need s to look out at that.

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Election results impact msme economy transport India Public frequently asked questions (FAQs) :-

Election results impact msme economy transport India Public
Election results impact msme economy transport India Public
election results impact economy Transport business India
election results impact economy Transport business India
election results impact economy Transport business India

What effect does industry or industrialization have in common public life ?

The industrialization has a major impact on society and people have to look forward to some changes in the country. Based on the public interest in the industry, profits and employment go higher. It increased in urbanization and people moved to an urban center in search development. On-road transportation, certain development has been establishing towards society help. Economic developments also have taken in the industrial revolution. It brought up significant social changes among public interest on industrialization. Revolution has brought up to consider significant changes in road transport on industry sides. Workers get paid and take advantages in mass production of goods.

What and how many bad business impact of poor transportation service?

Due to poor transportation services, many businesses greatly affected. Shifting goods to consume place affected due to poor road transportation. It involves a huge number of things to keep in mind and production will below. For controlling this situation, poor transportation needs to overcome as quickly as possible. It increases sufficient roads in rural areas tend to increase production. For agriculture input and markets, road transportation is a must. So, poor transportation must solve by taking proper measurements. Especially in rural areas, transportation is important to carry out many things smoothly. So, the government has to take proper steps to avoid this misconception and do the best for promoting road transportation.

What is the Government of India policy best suited for doing business?

Recently, the Indian government led by Narendra Modi is focusing more on a broad world of an endless number of emerging startups. For achieving this, the Indian government is creating new opportunities and programs. They help companies in both nurturing and innovation. There are many initiatives taken by the Indian government to support new entrepreneurship. It also aims to foster the civilization of creativity among Indian youngsters. With an exceptional and huge statistic benefit, India can raise and improve business individually and make the occupations for the benefit of this nation and also the world. Every step is taken to enable the prosperity and growth of the country.

What do companies in India have problems with multi-state trade payable Geographical diversity?

Ethnic, cultural, racial, gender and other kinds of identities determine how people know, see and experience the world. Individuals from diverse environments think, react and learn differently. It is difficult for multistate business companies in India while trying to understand their employees. Most significantly, geographic diversity will lead to a lack of unity within the organization. If properly harnessed, geographic diversity can provide in holistic and multi-dimensional perspective to the acumen and wisdom within the multistate business companies. The companies in India do not have more problems with the multi-state trade payable Geographical diversity. It is because the process is a little bit simple.

What is there an efficient goods commercial vehicle available in India as expected?

Transition in India become more realistic with the current government has sustained and massive push on electric mobility. The government’s think-tank – NITI Aayog has been spearheading transition for increasing the zero-emission mode of transportation. Multi-Axle Trucks (MATs) are considered as the efficient goods commercial vehicle available in India and widely used with for industrial transportation. These vehicles mainly range from 26.2 ton to 49-ton vehicles gross weight. Sales of these vehicles have been jumped between 2009 and 2010 as 55% higher. Goods commercial vehicle has been massively improved on the highest standard level 60% of the overall commercial vehicle market have been massively improved.

What is heavy haulage Oversize ODC transportation a simple task in India?

ODC, otherwise called over-dimensional cargo is added entirely outside of a deck of the vehicles for shifting the over-sized goods. Both the length and height of cargo are larger than the standard vehicles. These heavy cargos are used in both domestic and commercial sectors. ODC transport in India can help people to shift their heavy goods from one location to the next one quickly. It is because these vehicles are well-equipped with many modern devices. They are capable of transporting heavyweight goods over long distances. The transport service provider has sufficient experience in this sector, so the team makes the overall transportation process hassle-free.

What is the diversity in logistics or transportation costs in India?

The Indian transportation sector is very large and diverse. It has been carrying out a major solution to undergo road transportation. For shifting goods and products, road transportation is very must and involves good actions. It has lots of results and the majority of imports rely on on-road transportation. Also, the costs of transportation in India are affordable and depend on business size. It works from the publication that makes the average population time for transport needs. So, get it based on the diversity in logistics and transportation costs is limited to the business sectors.

What is the level of customers class in the development of Indian Industrial Market?

Customer segmentation is nothing but a practice of dividing a customer into a group. It has been carrying out with the majority of things relevant to marketing. Thus, it plays an important role in meeting overall interests and spending habits. So, it termed to evaluate the specific ways organize with marketing needs. Millions of Indian population has the biggest range of the base class. It is also considered high due to Indian market range. It involves middle class, richest, and below-average base class. It has overflowing wealth value and sometimes involves in extremely poor condition. Checking the database also reveals the big Indian base class.

What and how much contribution of the present government has been successful in promoting Indian trade business ?

Industry experts mainly state that Government requires to endure the stepping on spending more on the particular sectors. With the Current Government is concentrating on various factors such as education, infrastructure, healthcare, connectivity and more. All these are major aspects that revive the growth with declining economic growth. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs as well as start-ups in the manufacturing sectors have been improved with the economy. Government has initiated certain measures for reviving the economy with spurring growth. India responds to the need for manufacturing as well as other service sectors then 80% of the GDP gets to improve.

What are the major business problems in India?

Since the time immemorial Indians have been promoting peace. The business has massively improved to the peak level but there are also some problems that most of the business faces. Whether it is related to government, crimes by ‘godmen’, condition of roads, corruption, or any others, the business gets affected in certain circumstances. Corruption is the worst endemic that is widely spread in India so it is important to be handled wisely and quickly. Though our country needs several changes at present below are some of the important things that we need to consider for tackling immediately. · Corruption · Illiteracy · Education system · Basic Hygiene · Healthcare system · Poverty · Pollution · Women’s safety · Infrastructure

What are the disadvantages of the transportation business ?

Here are the demerits of the transportation business as follow: Frequent Accidents Road transportation in India is risky. Necessary security measures never made against road accidents. Inadequate Road Many roads in India are inadequate and also available in bad shape. There are just 34 km long roads per every 100 sq.km area. Heavy Taxes It is another disadvantage of the road transportation business. The tax burden per vehicle in this country is Rs. 3500. Poor road maintenance Roads in India are not properly maintained. There is only 0.1% of national earning is invested in road maintenance in India. Rising diesel and petrol cost The operational amount of road transport is rising continuously. Not suitable for bulky goods It is unsuitable for heavy goods.

What are the advantages of the transportation service business ?

The road transportation involves a majority of things to help workers, students, and people to travel securely. It involves less cost and safety for everyone. Other than that, it easily delivers enough goods on time via road transport. It is more applicable for business to carry out major benefits in road transport. Goods and products delivered at the right location within the limited time duration. It involves lots of flexibility in operation and cheaper as well. For import and export business, road transportation is must and more appropriate for a short distance or long distance. It deserves the right platform to carry out major goods delivered at the right time.

How many types of transportation are used in India?

With the rapid urbanization in India, the Economic growth of the country has also improved. Transport system mainly has been improved into distinct modes such as notably road transport, railways, inland water transport, airports, and airlines, coastal shipping and many more. Roadways are the dominant means of transporting carrying about 85% of the total traffic generated in the country. India has about 191.7 million registered vehicles and Compound Annual Growth Rate from total Registered Motor Vehicles in India has been improved to 94%. With the increase in the number of vehicles on roads, it also paves a way for the development of business.

What is Logistic and what works ?

Logistics is broadly used to refer to a process of moving resources including equipment, products, materials, and inventory from one place to next one at the targeted destination. This term is used in numerous applications. There are different kinds of logistics services available but road transportation gets more fame among business professionals. It is because if business products or material cannot reach the customers, it will fail. It is the right place when road transportation plays a vital role. It also impacts many other aspects of businesses. If the products are shipping to your customers on time, it will increase the profitability of a company.

What are the meaning and use of a company or industry in reality ?

Company or industry, in reality, is an entity that especially engages the business. The company could be structured across many numbers of ways. A company could be a corporation, sole proprietorship or under the partnership. Based on the different company that you are dealing with, it could be owned by a single person or even a group of individuals. The company could be well structured under many circumstances. Liability is an important type of company that is especially assumed. Company or industry in India has a major growth with the improvements in modern technology and transportation facilities all over the country.


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